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The importance of the experience in TEL

[…] The authors of this special issue agreed on the equivalence of learning with experience. At the same time they agreed to have a model of experience that may serve as a basis to design, develop, manage and, evaluate educational experiences mediated by technology […]

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How not to ruin a MOOC

Interesting presentation from Yishay Mor. 


Evaluation of the OLDS (Online Learning Design Studio) MOOC curriculum design course: participant perspectives, expectations and experiences.

This is a course that I did, not completely but a big part of it. I realised that I was not ready for a MOOC experience. It  was overwhelming for me. I could not cope with the many spaces to interact in and I was not capable of choosing. I have a to voracious mind that is my worst enemy. It showed me that for people as me (and I think there are many out there, specially young students) there must be a way to help with this way of being.

I am still thinking of what could I have done to overcome the sensation and continue. It was an excellent course that left very good traces all over the world, from Australia to Venezuela