18th Annual Kaleidoscope Conference at the Faculty of Education, University of Cambridge – online 3rd and 4th June 2021

This time of change is an opportunity for reflection and response. Through this conference, we (the university of Cambridge) hope to create a diverse and uniquely situated community of peers and colleagues, to think together and to learn from each other, to evaluate and to (re)imagine. 

This year’s conference theme is Responding to ruptures: speaking back to powerWe welcome submissions representing inter-, multi- and trans- disciplinary projects, empirical and non-empirical, finished and unfinished.  We look forward to learning from your theoretical and methodological advances, as well as original contributions to practice and/or pedagogy.

To better guide the flow of our thinking and conversations, we hope to host discussions on the following sub-themes: 

  • Connecting theory and practice in times of change; 
  • Linking politics, policy and research; 
  • Addressing the ethics of care and community; 
  • Engaging in reflexivity;
  • Moving from opacity to transparency: revealing power structures;
  • Re-thinking the essentials of education in schools; 
  • Higher Education: revelations from crises;
  • Creating research and practice in and through the arts;
  • Envisioning futures;
  • Understanding and dismantling racism in education: anti-racism organising in schools and higher education institutions;
  • Decolonising research and practice.

Link to the site of the university of Cambridge

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