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Creating Spaces: a framework for devolved creativity

Creating Spaces: a framework for devolved creativity.


Knowldge-Hub a new tool presented to teachers as part of the initiative to get teachers embedded into research. Lets see how it works

Complexity and Information: Measuring Emergence, Self-organization, and Homeostasis at Multiple Scales

Tinkering with complexity for my research! I guess in the middle of my frustration…nothing comes down to my hands all stays in my head!!

David White & Helen Beetham on ‘The Digital Student’

…and some more on transformation!

Susan Sontag, a great woman!!

From brainpicking blog
From brainpicking blog

We are only iterations…so keep iterating to keep a life!

Synergic integration of formal and informal E-learning invironments for adult LLL

This is a google book I need to read. Its here for the reference. Future reading!!

Toolkit talks: Digital Technology

From the Education Endowment Foundation

Link to the main web page with information about projects related with digital technology