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How technology shapes society or is it vice versa?

The 21st century enlightenment

Matthew Taylor explaining it!

The filter bubble!

I already knew about this idea but I came across this very good TedTalk where Eli Pariser is just amazingly clear about the filter bubble how he called it. As teachers it is our responsibility to stress critical thinking in our students and this is a brilliant way to say it. Related to this idea of not wanting to live in this bubble and reading an article by Doug Belshaw I came across the idea of using a search engine that does not track your search, DuckDuckGo. The idea: the results are not curated by the main “gatekeepers”.  I decided, as Doug did, to give it a try and see if I can consciously step out of the filter bubble which, awkwardly enough, I did not decide to be in!

Here the link to their webpage and project The filter bubble upworthy 

Brain Jazz

The video: Brain Jazz: Douglas Rushkoff and Jason Silva
Rushkoff: “In the emerging and highly programmed landscape ahead you will either create the software or you will be the software”
Jason Silva: 
Ever ponder the miracle of life? Or perhaps wonder about the evolution of intelligence? In Shots of Awe, Jason Silva chases his inspiration addiction as he explores these topics and more. Every week we’ll look at the complex systems of society, technology and human existence and discusses the truth and beauty of science in a form of existential jazz.

Ideas talked in the video:
Technological  mediating experience
Where does my body end and the rest of the life begins?
Hack experience
Fits experience into a museum pathway
Aesthetic arrest
Technology as a second skin. An extension of humans

Learning and Neurscience

How not to ruin a MOOC

Interesting presentation from Yishay Mor. 

A new architecture for learning

Interesting article for education design

“If we are to support students and faculty as connected learners and instructors, we must rethink our approach to academic technology architecture. At the foundation and core of that architecture is information technology, in its role as the strategic enabler of connected learning”. EDUCAUSE


Evaluation of the OLDS (Online Learning Design Studio) MOOC curriculum design course: participant perspectives, expectations and experiences.

This is a course that I did, not completely but a big part of it. I realised that I was not ready for a MOOC experience. It  was overwhelming for me. I could not cope with the many spaces to interact in and I was not capable of choosing. I have a to voracious mind that is my worst enemy. It showed me that for people as me (and I think there are many out there, specially young students) there must be a way to help with this way of being.

I am still thinking of what could I have done to overcome the sensation and continue. It was an excellent course that left very good traces all over the world, from Australia to Venezuela

Innovating Pedagogy

Innovating Pedagogy 2013

Exploring new forms of teaching, learning and assessment, to guide educators and policy makers

Isaac Asimov predicted the Internet of today 20 years ago

MInute 5 is very relevant for the idea of Personalized Learning Environment

The future of cybernetically enhanced senses

The future of cybernetically enhanced senses

Interesting to think about…