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David White & Helen Beetham on ‘The Digital Student’

The 21st century enlightenment

Matthew Taylor explaining it!

8 things to look in the classroom, a beautiful tweet !

Glossary of multimodal terms

I found this blog so helpful when trying to understand multimodality for my own research, I want to share it if someone can make use of it.

Why this glossary
Multimodality studies how and to what social and cultural effects people use and transform resources for communication including speech, image, gesture, gaze, and others. In the last decade or so multimodal studies have introduced many new terms (such as ‘mode’); and they have begun to redefine many ‘old’ones (such a ‘genre’). The aim of this glossary is to provide inroads into this cross-discliplinary enterprise.

Who it is for?

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Key competence development in school education in Europe

The project’s final objective is to produce recommendations for policy and practice regarding the enablers and obstacles to a holistic implementation of key competence development.
Key competences are combinations of knowledge, skills and attitudes, which facilitate the application of knowledge to real world contexts. International research suggests that individuals need them in order to function effectively in the 21st century.
Here the link to one of the publication from there you can explore further

The filter bubble!

I already knew about this idea but I came across this very good TedTalk where Eli Pariser is just amazingly clear about the filter bubble how he called it. As teachers it is our responsibility to stress critical thinking in our students and this is a brilliant way to say it. Related to this idea of not wanting to live in this bubble and reading an article by Doug Belshaw I came across the idea of using a search engine that does not track your search, DuckDuckGo. The idea: the results are not curated by the main “gatekeepers”.  I decided, as Doug did, to give it a try and see if I can consciously step out of the filter bubble which, awkwardly enough, I did not decide to be in!

Here the link to their webpage and project The filter bubble upworthy 

21st Century Enlightenment

Technology rich innovative environments


Our rapidly changing world has posed the long-standing question to education,
―How can today’s schools be transformed so as to become environments of
teaching and learning that makes individuals lifelong learners and prepare them
for the 21st Century?” 

The response to this question is the focus of the OECD project, Innovative Learning
Environments, and has produced a sampling of the rich array of new visions for education around the  world. As one might imagine, many learning environments have looked to technology in their efforts  to redesign teaching and learning. While technology integration has long been a key area of concern in education, the intersection of technology with our rapidly transforming educational landscape is framing the nature of technology in education in profound, new ways. New and emerging technologies are provoking a re-conceptualisation of teaching and learning, while also serving as catalysts for transformation and innovation.
Successfully preparing all learners with the skills and capacities for 21st century citizenship
global awareness, creativity, collaborative problem-solving, self-directed learning—is no small order,  and many educational leaders are finding that the traditional forms of education that have evolved through the end of the last century are simply inadequate for achieving these goals. At the same time,  while our outer world was transforming, considerable advances have been made in the learning sciences, forcing educators to reconsider how they approach learning, instruction, and the environments created to foster these. Finally, dramatic advances in educational technology have inspired powerful new ways for learners to engage with all kinds of content and activities in their own
self-direct learning experiences. The juxtaposition of these three events creates a very interesting  challenge and opportunity—a space to reconsider, re-imagine, and re-invent learning environments able to prepare and excel each individual for effective life-long learning.

The drive of technology for school change…Read more