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Notes from Lawrence , SMaking Sense of Newtons’ Math

It was considered that some historical insight into the study of curves by Newton, his persistent attempts to ‘resolve problems by motion‘ and his study of the curves via the readings of Descartes and van (1615-1660), and their description of dynamic generation of curves was crucial to his later work on fluxions and subsequently his formulation of calculusImage

Blue economy! Something different from digital literacy but not uninteresting for education

Some tools to work


Compare two words
Conceptual map: CMap
Conceptual mat: MindMeister
Doc storage and sharing:
Dynamic algebra software: Geogebra
TImeline: Tiki-Toki – Timeline MIT Widget –
Comics and story telling: ComicLife
Image and content curation:
Notebook, agenda, calendar and more: Evernote

Audience as designers! For designing a PLE?

A little of the ideas of the author:

The audience as authors

Designing with instead of designing for
Finding a place where they (the audience) can collaborate
How you ignite the imagination of many? how do you get people engaged in something? What design elements have to be in the environment to trigger the best out of the students?
How can I let the students come in and be the protagonist of their own story, their own hero journey?
I am trying to build bridges between 2 worlds. It could be between the digital and the analog.
How can I move a story in a pervasive way that allows people to engage in it?
The story needs to be compelling enough that they want to do things with it

Context is key: unlocking the chains of semiotic meaning for HE digital literacy #oldsmooc

Context is key: unlocking the chains of semiotic meaning for HE digital literacy #oldsmooc.