A Tale of Two Conferences: #oer16 and #LAK16

Interesting views on OER16 which I missed due to difficult family circumstances, and of LAK16 which enhance my own view of open culture and in line with Sheila’s idea, it will add to the quality of the learning experience, which is the core goal for me as a teacher and researcher


When Professor Paul Kirschner started his keynote on the second day of the #LAK16 conference,  with the opening lines  from the Dickens’s classic a Tale of Two Cities, it chimed with me on a number of levels. Yes, in the way he intended around the utopian and dystopian views of the potential of data and analytics, but also in terms of my recent two conference experiences.

#oer16 and #LAK16 were neatly planned to run the week after each other, in the same venue at the John McIntyre Conference Centre, University of Edinburgh. The infrastructure for each was very similar, however I found them quite different experiences.

Taking liberty with Dickens, the thought  “it was the best of times, it was the best of times” has been running through my head as I try and synthesise and make sense of both conferences.

Although very different experiences and each conference had…

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