How to survive your PhD – a free course

Part of a PhD journey!

The Thesis Whisperer

A year and a half ago, ANU gave me a chance to make a MOOC.

For those of you in the know, a MOOC stands for ‘massive open online course’. ANU has partnered with EdX, a MOOC delivery platform, so that thousands of people have the chance to participate in ANU courses from around the world, for free.

The process of bidding to run a MOOC at ANU is by competitive tender, so I was surprised when I was given special funding to do one. It was an honour to be singled out and ‘jump the queue’ so to speak.

It showed that ANU management had pleasing faith in my abilities…


Should they really have so much faith?

In less than an hour I had convinced myself that ANU management had made a big mistake. Sure, I had run a successful blog for 5 years – and authored a…

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