Reflections on mLearnCon & Performance Support Symposium 2015 – Day 1

Reflections on mobile learning, gadgets, and more!!

Julian Stodd's Learning Blog

It’s hot in Austin. After a long day exploring yesterday, i was almost ready for a day in a ubiquitous and air conditioned hotel. A day exploring ideas, which started well with a session on our evolved relationship with knowledge. It’s easy to say, but things are changing. Have changed. It used to be about what you know, but today it’s about your ability to find things out, and to create (and co-create) the meaning within it. It’s about being effective: my session tomorrow includes ‘effective‘ in the title. It’s not about the technology: it’s about the outcomes.

Knowledge, Performance, Technology

Trends? Well, it’s good that the conversation has moved beyond the technology: it’s about performance, about meaning, about what we do with it. I always enjoy a conversation about knowledge: what is now unneeded? What do we push, in what context, and how? Clearly…

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