Developing a Model for the Choreography of Learning

Choreography for learning a good metaphor. I also heard about it some time ago in a workshop at Knowmads School in Amsterdam, amazing people!!

Julian Stodd's Learning Blog

Yesterday i explored choreography for learning in the Social Age: it’s really a call to arms, a recognition that we need to adapt, away from the old notions of learning being ‘done‘ to people, towards more co-creative, scaffolded, social models. Facilitated by technology, engaging by design, not by accident.

A model for Choreography in Learning

Today i want to present two sketches around this, both still in development. The first is a model for Choreography: it looks at three aspects. PROGRAMMING, which is about the context and casting of the learning. it’s about the design and positioning. POSTURE, which is about the way it is executed, and PERFORMANCE, which is about the experience as it’s lived.

Bear in mind that the purpose of Choreographing learning is to deliver an integrated, paced, seamless experience. It’s about designing and delivering total quality. It’s about the way we introduce, deliver and…

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