Agile technology for Social learning

This is very much in line with my idea of a personalised learning space, as my idea is that we are able to create our own ecosystem of tools that supports us, in this so fundamental aspect of life, being agile! Thank you julian again for so much valuable insights

Julian Stodd's Learning Blog

Technology in itself will never guarantee great learning, but deployed well, it can facilitate and enhance the storytelling and experiences that do.

Legacy technology Many organisations struggle with dinosaur legacy systems. We need agile technology for the Social Age

There’s a shift in how learning technology works, away from giant, expensive and inflexible legacy systems towards more agile, highly communicative approaches. Small systems that are talkative trump large systems that are disconnected from the market and require extensive customisation.

This shift away from central control (and the mindset that drives it) is significant as it allows artisan workers to being their own technology to bear, as well as allowing learners to bring their own devices. Facilitating learners and developers to be agile enables us to connect more easily into our communities too: “bring your own community” being the ultimate Social Age adage.

The mindset piece is relevant: it’s about procuring…

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