The divided brain, a different perspective

This post is part of my reflections while thinking about my role as a teacher in HE. But I think it is also relevant for my overall research

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An interesting and enriching view from Ian McGilchrist about the divided brain. His idea is to combine the two versions of the world, the one provided by each hemisphere. For some of us not combining them seems awkward and rather impossible! Creativity most of the time needs both hemispheres working in a team, complementing each other as couples do. Enhancing one another and flowing together towards creation!

The Western culture started well in the 6th century B.C in the Augustus Era as Ian says in the video and, during the 16th and 17th century in Europe, with a good balance of both hemispheres but in each case it drifted further to the left one…

In HE there is, in my view, a need to combine science with humanities, understanding how well they can live together without doing any harm to each other. Scientists are in a way humanists with different…

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