Starting a fire: how to keep the creative spark alive.

Lovely analogy: Creativity and lighting a fire with out a fire lighter 🙂

Julian Stodd's Learning Blog

Have you ever started a fire without matches or a firelighters? It’s something that everyone should learn to do, because it teaches you a lot of things about life, starting with patience! First, you have to select your materials: kindling, small dry sticks, larger branches or logs. Then, you have to prepare them. This might mean taking shavings off a stick, to make the lightest, driest material that will catch quickest. You need to lay out your materials so that they are ready to hand, because once you’ve added the first spark, a fire is alive.

You have to feed it, starting small and working up, over time, to larger pieces of fuel. If you put too much on too fast, you will swamp it. If you don’t get the airflow right, it will die. It’s very much like nurturing a living thing and something like an analogy for learning…

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