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Excellent piece of writing! Neither utopia nor dystopia, its in the center of both worlds

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GUEST COLUMN | by Alison Leigh Brown

CREDIT NAUOver the last fifteen years I have taught a course on technology and its relationships to values. My students read Freud, Foucault, Haraway and assorted articles. I try to use the broadest definition of technology that I can without reducing it to ad hoc tools. No matter how broad of a definition of technology I start with, students quickly divide into two camps. There are those who think that technology chips away at value systems and those who think that technology is largely beneficial. Those in the second camp admit that technology can have negative effects but they are quick to argue that it can only be technology that will save technology’s problems.

As technology evolves, it opens doors for us to go forward to the future on the shoulders of the past, as we have always done.

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