ascilite 2013 Conference Notes

Excellent update ascilite conference (Educational Technology)

Heart | Soul | Machine

Be aware that these are notes – not transcripts of talks. I tend to think about quite a lot during a good presentation (I don’t do “passive absorbtion” and I’m always processing and questioning as I go). The notes reflect this space that my mind operates in and should never be seen or treated as a transcript of an event

The Great Debate: The Dream of Technology-Assisted Learning Has Been Realised

I didn’t take too many notes from the debate – but I liked this line:

Technology seduces us like a medusa and pedagogically we turn to stone – Gregor Kennedy

Innovation via a thin LMS: A Middleware Alternative to the Traditional Learning Management System

Marc Wells, David Lefevre, Fotis Begklis

  • like the thin LMS concept
  • developed a hub for each “programme” – csu term = course or degree
  • first iteration was communication based
  • 2nd was integrating 3rd parties
  • 3rd…

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