Homemade flatbread in a wink: Chapatis

Very good idea when I am studying and there is not much energy for long and complex cooking! Thanks my dear Bubu and cheers 🙂

Herd & Ofen

Homemade flatbread in a wink: Chapatis

Chapatis are one of the many basic flatbreads often made daily in North India homes. They are soft, easy to handle and can accompany a lot of foods. There is no specific rule for what should be ate with chapatis, more than enjoy their shape and supple texture with something delicious folded into them, as with most other Indian breads. I learnt how to make chapatis in Somya Tewari’s kitchen in London. We had planned on making paneer together and even though we did not manage a second cooking round, I am endlessly grateful. Since learning to make chapatis, they have become, I imagine, just as much as in North India, a staple in our kitchen and table. The original and straight forward chapati is made with whole wheat flour (sometimes mixed with white flour to up the soft texture) and water. On certain…

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